Micro Safe Systems, Inc.

Innovative microwave solutions for a cleaner world

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Welcome to Micro Safe Systems, Inc. an engineering company who has developed a solution for the pharmaceutical waste industry utilizing an innovative thermal technology.

Unlike pyrolysis, plasma torch, incineration or waste-energy modalities, it is highly cost effective as a capital equipment advanced technology system. We have performed several laboratory tests showing complete eradication of metabolites in the resulting ash and are prepared to conduct further tests for air emissions and hazardous PWaste products including those containing trace heavy metal content. MSSI has a U.S. Patent for a similar system issued in 1998 and has built two working prototypes to that Patent.

Micro Safe Systems, Inc.'s recently developed system will neutralize pharmaceutical waste at hospitals and other generator sites. It is a non-incineration technology and is much less costly to process pharmaceutical waste en masse.

This is a massive emerging global problem negatively affecting our aquifers and aggravated by the inability of sewage systems and landfills to remediate the problem. MSSI has developed sophisticated technology to present a solution in these two areas as well. This system is available immediately but requires investment to manufacture and install at several pre-sold customers (i.e. hospitals). Test data is also available for review.

Interested investors are invited to contact us for greater details on its technology, management team and funding requirements.